Bulk Chemicals and Dyersville Die Cast, Dyersville, IA

Dyersville Die Cast specializes in custom aluminum and zinc die cast manufacturing. Their priority is making quality American made parts and delivering them on time. In 2018, they added a new, six-stage wash system to keep up with demand. During this process, they were facing challenges passing 1,000-hour salt spray on 383 aluminum castings so they decided to take a look at their pretreatment system.

“We were in a bind. BCI came in and introduced their chemistry recommendations specializing in aluminum castings,” said Jesse Peters, Paint Line Manager for Dyersville Die Cast. “We immediately ran parts on 383 alloy and tested to well beyond 1,000 hours. Once they passed, we began testing our other alloy castings. Before BCI’s products, we would pass 2,000-hour salt spray on 413 aluminum castings. With BCI’s products in use, we were able to surpass 5,600-hours of salt spray testing on 413 aluminum castings. Our productivity increased by 35% due to not shot blasting before cleaning,” Peters said.

Dyersville’s six-stage wash system consists of Bulk Kleen™ 835A and Bulk Kleen™ 640LF, which effectively remove hard to clean mold release agents used during the die casting process. The E-CLPS® 916 and 930 pretreatment process helps achieve their salt spray requirements. BCI’s chemicals clean and pretreat the castings, saving both time and labor, which in turn, saves them money.

“We’re able to produce more product, and able to paint on one shift instead of two,” Peters said.

“It’s a great partnership,” said Emily Clark, BCI’s technical service representative for Dyersville Die Cast. “It’s nice to offer customers quality products that create a solution.”

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