Bulk Chemicals and The Awning Factory, Orlando, FL

Daniel Gendron had no idea that walking into the Powder Coating Institute’s annual conference in February 2020 would change the direction of his company. Gendron, the owner of The Awning Factory in Orlando, FL, was introduced to John Anderson and Paul Umfer of Bulk Chemicals, Inc. (BCI), and the rest, as they say, is history.

“I was looking to start my own paint line in-house, and with the help of John, Paul, and Bulk Chemicals, we were able to build the 4-stage immersion line, and by May of 2020, we were up and running,” Gendron said. “They helped me with the homework, and we built it the right way from the start,” he said.

Gendron worked closely with BCI to identify the chemicals needed to ensure a quality immersion system, and determined Bulk Kleen® 690, an industrial metal cleaner and E-CLPS® 2100HD, a chrome-free pretreatment for aluminum substrates, were ideal for the line. Together, they designed the tanks to create a vortex, which increases circulation and pushes and pulls solutions.

“I knew that I wanted to move to an immersion system. I know that every part that comes out of the wash is 110% perfect,” Gendron said. “My employees are more inclined to meet and exceed production because everything is done correctly the first time, it’s automated with conveyor belts and remote controls. BCI provided resources and training to me and my employees, which is extremely valuable. Their customer service is top notch,” Gendron said.

The Awning Factory’s forecast for 2021 is promising. “We’ve never quoted so much work or had jobs so big,” Gendron said. “If you have a project for us, let’s get it on the books now, or you may have to wait. It’s a good problem to have.”

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