Bulk Chemicals and Fairlawn Tool Inc., Westminster, MD


When Fairlawn Tool Inc., in Westminster, MD, ran into a problem with their 3-stage wash system on their automated powder coating line, they called in Bulk Chemicals, Inc. for a solution.

“The biggest benefit of using BCI was a solution to our washing problem; however, the continued support to make sure things continue working well is very much appreciated,” said Steve Mitchell, FTI’s General Manager. “Their customer service is definitely a strength.”

BCI recommended the products Bulk Kleen® 842HP and E-CLPS® 1700, which eliminated the need to rewash or recoat during production runs. Additionally, by not flushing the full system as frequently has FTI using less chemicals, and they’ve saved money by reducing rework.

“Introducing these BCI chemicals enabled FTI to clean heavy mill oils off their parts using less product and applying an environmentally safe dry-in-place pretreatment. The combination boosted production by eliminating 99% of failures and rework,” said Brian Korecky, BCI Technical Sales & Service Representative.

“We no longer have water break issues, and parts are consistently clean and ready to coat,” Mitchell said. “Our downtime for maintenance on the system has been greatly reduced,” he added. Mitchell said he and Korecky have developed a great working relationship. “Their customer service is excellent. Brian is very responsive and proactively stays in contact. Routine visits to make sure things are working well, reports on findings and recommendations are all an added benefit to using BCI,” Mitchell added.

For more information about how Bulk Chemicals can help you and your company, please call 800-338-2855, or email Kristy Kline at kkline@bulkchemicals.us