Bulk Chemicals and Wirerope Works in Williamsport, PA

In today’s volatile industrial climate, companies come and go, and not every company remains in business for decades. And it is almost unheard of for two companies to have a four-decade collaboration, as is the case with Bulk Chemicals, Inc. and Wirerope Works in Williamsport, PA.

“We’ve been using Bulk Chemicals’ products exclusively for 40 years,” said Eric Holzapfel, Production Supervisor for Wirerope Works. “When times were tough and business was down, Bulk Chemicals has always been there for us in every way. We’ve always looked out for one another,” Holzapfel said.

Wirerope Works, Inc. has a long history, dating back to 1886. Over the past 100 years, they have evolved from a local wire rope mill to a fully integrated wire and wire rope manufacturer recognized internationally for its craftsmanship, innovation, and performance.

Over the years, Wirerope Works has used a number BCI of products, but they currently use Bulk Draw® 480RLX, Bulk Neutralizer™ 14, Bulk Heat Seal Layer™ 42, Bulk Phos™ 1, and Bulk Draw® ZAP. In some cases, BCI has created and tweaked products exclusively for Wirerope’s needs. “BCI has never stopped improving their products. They always stay one step ahead,” he said. “We have never had a delay in production because of a Bulk product not performing, and that alone is why we would never switch to anyone else’s products.

“During our annual review with BCI, we go over everything: costs, product use, energy use, recommendations for products, or anything that comes up. Because 2020 was a challenging year, and we were unable to meet in person, Brian Korecky, our technical sales representative, still managed to stay in touch regularly and meet up so we can drop off samples for testing,” Holzapfel said.

Wirerope Works has also taken full advantage of the lab services BCI offers. “BCI’s lab services have done testing on other products when we’ve asked. They’ve also provided training for our operators on how to do in-house testing,” Holzapfel said. “BCI always goes above and beyond. It’s truly been a pleasure working with everyone, and a terrific collaboration that’s lasted for decades.”

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