Equipment Services

BDACS® – Data Acquisition System

BCI’s Wet Section Process Control equipment is unsurpassed in the industry and is capable of providing a worry-free system which is both easy to operate and affordable. Our Data Acquisition System, BDACS® enables our customers to take the next step and provide a human machine interface capable of processing data acquisition while providing a user-friendly reconfigurable graphical interface. These features bode well for those companies migrating toward future ISO requirements.

Control System Capabilities

Download our white papers to learn more:

» Achieving Operational Excellence with Process Control and Data Acquisition (PDF)
» Process Control and Data Acquisition for Pretreatment Washer Systems Utilizing Computer Graphics  (PDF)

Single Stage Chemical Process Controllers, either Conductivity or pH

Multi-Stage Chemical Process Control Systems capable of:

  • Real-Time Process Control and Monitoring
  • Data Trending and Performance Tracking
  • Process Conditions using the Parts Tracking Module
  • Alarm Notifications
  • Real-Time and Archived Data Analytical Tools
  • Custom Reports Based on Jobs Run
  • Pre-Configured Reports
  • System Cost Analytics
  • Chemical and Water Usage
  • Automatic and Manual Control of Chemical Feed Pumps
  • Remote Control and Paging via e-mails and/or phones
  • Plant-Wide Monitoring and Control Systems

Bulk Chemicals has installed over 40 systems in a variety of disciplines, including Extrusion lines, Coil lines, parts washers, etc. We are experts at controlling any wash system, from a single stage dip tank to a facility with multiple coil lines. Our remote control features and our integration of business systems with process data is a sought after module.

The Equipment Division of Bulk Chemicals has been providing control systems to our customers for over twenty years. As demonstrated, we have developed a very open architecture approach to washer control and data acquisition. Our ability to fold-in other plant wide systems and meld the collected data with the business end of parts tracking is our bailiwick, and is an ever evolving and consistently requested part of our expertise. We would be happy to compliment your chemistry with a control and data acquisition system which can grow and evolve with your needs.