RoHS Compliant Coatings

Because of the continuing restrictions of hexavalent chromium, Bulk Chemicals Inc. has developed new alternative technologies specifically for the electronics market.

Chrome-free Alternatives

BCI can now offer companies who are producing yellow and clear chromate coatings on aluminum the opportunity to replace the hex chrome with a chrome-free or trivalent chrome product on 5000 series, unpainted or painted, aluminum.  Our technology will provide the salt spray and resistivity requirements necessary to pass these specifications. Additionally, we can provide both clear and yellow coatings without the use of hexavalent chromium.

In order to achieve these requirements, BCI has developed a process that includes our E-CLPS® 4600 and E-CLPS® 2100 patented coating products. The process includes a series of steps that culminate with our E-CLPS® technology. This process can vary depending on each customer’s specifications and process conditions. In the Coil Industry, we offer E-CLPS® 2950SI and E-CLPS® 2960C for all substrates of painted metal. We also offer the TRI-CLPS® 6500ST, our ROHS Compliant passivation for galvanized steel.

The E-CLPS® process will provide a minimum of 168 hours of salt spray with no pits or corrosion on bare 5000 series aluminum, and, most importantly, provide low surface resistivity that meets the market specification.

Currently our process is approved by Sanmina-SCI and is being used by Ericsson in Sweden.

Questions about our chrome-free coatings?

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