Metal Cleaning Chemicals

BCI Surface Technologies can provide your company with a wide range of industrial metal cleaning chemicals and applications including sprays, immersions, acids, and maintenance cleaners.  Unlike other chemicals, our line of metal cleaning solvents contain sludge modifiers that prevent sludge from building up in your tanks. Contaminants remain suspended in the solution, making tank maintenance quicker and cleaner.

Bulk Kleen® – Industrial Metal Cleaner

Our Bulk Kleen® line of industrial-strength cleaners can meet all of your metal cleaning application and performance requirements.

Product features:

  • Cleans and prepares metal surfaces for pretreatment
  • Oil splitting capability. No scale or sludge.
  • Available in powder and liquid forms for spray and/or dip applications.
  • Etching or non-etching
  • Low foaming
  • Additives available for smut removal, heavily soiled material, etc.
  • Grain refining
  • Corrosion inhibiting
  • Alkaline, acidic, and neutral cleaners
  • Biodegradable

Industries Used In: Coil, General Metals, Extrusion, Wire, Maintenance, Electronics

Questions about our metal cleaning products?

Please contact us for more specific information about our metal cleaning technologies, products and applications to learn how they can improve your metal treatment process.

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