Wire Drawing Pretreatment

For the past thirty years, BCI has played a major role in the drawing and forming of metal for a variety of uses. Our wire pretreatment chemicals are leaders in the industry; wire, nails, and fasteners, as well as automotive parts, have been coated with Bulk Draw® products prior to cold forming. Heavy zinc soaps aid in the drawing process to prevent galling and extend dye life. Also available for wire pretreatment are sludge modifiers and low temperature, low sludging formulations. Polymers and reactive polymers can be used as an alternative to zinc phosphate when drawing wire.

Wire Pretreatment Chemicals

Through our sister company, Process Management, Inc., we offer ultraviolet ornamental and protective coatings that are clear or colored and can be applied to formed parts to provide added corrosion performance and aesthetic qualities.

Pretreatment Chemicals for Wire Drawing Wire Drawing Wire Drawing Parts

Bulk Chemicals, Inc. has also made advancements to our environmentally-friendly wire pretreatment chemicals. Now available are new polymer-based lubricants for wet drawing machines, a full line of corrosion inhibitors for galvanized wire to aid in drawing, and aesthetic coatings for spring wire, tubes, and nail coatings. From piano wire to wire rope to stainless steel, Bulk Chemicals, Inc. has a product for your wire pretreatment needs.

Wire Drawing Pretreatment Bulk Draw Wire Coating Wet Drawing Machines

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