General Metals Pretreatment

Off-road vehicles, commercial truck bodies, lighting fixtures, zinc die cast zippers, and metal cabinets are just some of the components that are pretreated with BCI’s innovative conversion coatings and chrome-free final seals.

In our General Metals line of pretreatment products, we offer not only the traditional iron and zinc phosphate coatings, but also the new environmentally-friendly nanotechnology coatings that are revolutionizing the market. In addition, our patented E-CLPS® Chrome-Free and Phosphate-free final seal coatings provide additional opportunities to improve your process and your quality when pretreating.

Pretreatment Chemicals for General MetalsPretreatment Chemicals for General Metals

The following is a list of some of our product offerings for the general metal industry:

Questions about General Metals pretreatment?

Contact us with your specific need and process application. We can provide you with a recommendation that will resolve your problem, and provide you with an economical solution for general metal pretreatment.

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