Extrusion Coating Pretreatment

Since 1985, BCI has provided its patented E-CLPS® 2100 Series brand of chrome-free products for extrusion coatings used by the aluminum architectural market. E-CLPS® 2100 Series is now the most popular chrome-free pretreatment in the world for extrusion metals and is available through our global distribution network.

E-CLPS® 2100 Series products were developed to reduce operational costs, improve worker safety, and provide superior quality and performance. The E-CLPS® 2100 Series process conforms to all global standards including AAMA 2605, 2604 and 2603 specifications and meets the following international approvals:

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Coated Aluminum Pretreatment

In addition, BCI offers the traditional processes including alkaline and acidic cleaners, etch additives, deoxidizers, and hexavalent and trivalent pretreatments. Our hexavalent and trivalent pretreatment products include chromium phosphate, chromium chromate, and our new (patent pending) environmentally-friendly trivalent systems; a pretreatment that provides similar results to hexavalent chromium conversion coatings.

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Questions about extrusion pretreatment?

Contact us with your specific extrusion needs and process application. BCI can provide you with a process that will resolve your problem and improve your performance, while providing economical and environmentally-friendly technologies.

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