Coil Coating Pretreatment

Metal roofing, wall panels, gutters, downspouts, roof decking and metal buildings are just some of the things our coil coating pretreatment products are used on.

The experienced BCI coil coating group can help your company convert to our environmentally-friendly E-CLPS® chrome-free pretreatment technologies. Let us demonstrate how our products will make your plant green while performing equally or better than conventional pretreatments. If you aren’t ready to make the change at this time, we can supply your line with conventional products that have been used for years in this industry.

Coil Conversion Coatings

Our E-CLPS® pre-paint conversion coating technology is the most user-friendly treatment in the coil coating industry. E-CLPS® can be used over Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel, Galvalume®, Galfan, Cold Rolled Steel, Electro Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum. E-CLPS® is available in either a clear or a tinted version.

Pretreatment Chemicals for Coil Coating Chrome-free Coil Coating Chemicals

Coil Cleaners

Is your current alkaline cleaner a maintenance headache? Do you have sludge, scale and an oily mess to deal with? Let us show you how to make it an easily manageable part of your coil coating wet section. BCI’s Bulk Kleen® line of alkaline cleaners do an excellent job of removing oils and soils from all metal substrates. They are formulated with a good blend of oil-splitting surfactants and a great sequestering package. Thus you will see no build-up on the walls or heat exchangers and only a minor amount of silt on the bottom of your tank, which is easily rinsed away. The oil removed from the metal substrate can be easily removed with a skimming unit in the process tank or by an oil coalescer or separator.  Our Bulk Kleen® line of products virtually eliminates the need to acid clean your cleaner process tanks in order to remove heavy scale that is usually seen on the heat exchangers and walls of process tanks.

Coil products available:

  • Zinc phosphates/activators
  • Iron phosphates
  • Chrome chromates
  • Chrome phosphates
  • Chrome dry-in-place treatments
  • Complex oxide treatments
  • E-CLPS® chrome-free pretreatment technologies
  • Tri-CLPS® RoHS compliant passivations for HDG and Galvalume®
  • Metal passivations
  • Acrylic fingerprint-resistant coatings (clear or tinted)

Questions about coil coating pretreatment?

Contact us with your specific needs and our coil coating team will be happy to provide a solution for your coil coating line.

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